Product List


Nominal Composition: 65% Cu, 35% Zinc

Properties: Excellent cold workability, good hot formability

Applications: Yellow brass is usually used in radiator tanks and cores, flashlight shells, lamp fixtures, fasteners locks, hinges, pins, rivets, buttons, plumbing accessories.

Copper Earthing Plates

  • A specification electroplater specializing in plating gold, silver, nickel, tin, tin/lead, electroless nickel, and copper. Processes include reel to reel plating, barrel plating, and rack plating.
  • Plate tectonics. Types of plate boundaries. Sources of plate motion.
  • Article from the National Geographic describing the three types of tectonic boundaries.
  • Heat Exchanger Tubes

  • Design and manufacture of heat transfer equipment. Products include shell and tube, plate and frame exchangers, heating and cooling coils, tankless coils, oil preheaters, water heaters and tube bundles.
  • India. Manufactures broad range of heat transfer equipment. Includes automotive and industrial radiators, air cooled and shell and tube heat exchangers, finned heat exchanger tubes, oil coolers, and waste energy recovery units.
  • Manufacturer of finned tubing and specialty heat exchangers. Includes finned tubing descriptions for edge tension, soldered, L-footed, embedded and brazed finned tubing.
  • Aluminium Tubes

  • Information about the manufacturing of brass tubes, copper tubes, steel tubes, aluminium tubes and copper nickel tubes.
  • Steel tube stockholder - aluminium, chrome, cast iron, and hydraulic cylinders as well as hot and cold finished seamless tube and bar.
  • U.K. based aluminium stockholder of marine grade (5083-0) pipe and fittings. Supply and fabrication of aluminium extrusions to customer specifications.
  • Bronze Tubes

  • Bronze, brass and copper products available in bar, tube, plate, sheet and special shapes. Bronze bearings, copper anodes and cast iron products also available.
  • Steel service center supplying steel, brass, bronze, durabar, cast iron, bar, tubes, plate, and cutting services.
  • Non ferrous metals refinery: brass and bronze ingots, bars and tubes.