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Copper Stranded Conductor, Braided Wire


Generally, good copper stranded wire has the following characters: bright appearance, no clear damage and scratch, no obvious discoloration caused by oxidizing reaction, even color around the appearance, no black spot, no crack and well-defined distance.


Low resistivity, good workability and balance frequency transmission

Classification of Copper Stranded Wire

1. Copper stranded wire can be divided into TJR and TJRX according to the appearance.
2. Copper stranded conductor can be classified into very soft copper stranded conductor, soft copper stranded conductor, hard copper stranded conductor, half-hard copper stranded conductor and plastic copper stranded conductor according to the condition.

Copper Stranded Wire


GB 12970.4-1991 Electric Soft Copper Wire Part 4: Copper Brush wire. pdf 118KB
GB 12970.3-1991 Electric Soft Copper Wire Part 3 : Copper Antenna .pdf 51KB
GB 12970.2-1991 Electric Soft Copper Wire Part 2: Soft Copper Stranded Wire .pdf 166KB
GB 12970.1-1991 Electric Soft Copper Wire Part 1: General Standard .pdf 88KB
GB 3953-83 Electric Circle Copper Wire 86KB

Tin Plated Copper Conductor


Copper wire, dealing by tinning, is characterized by corrosion resistance, which can process water cooled cable. Tin plated copper conductor single wire diameter is bigger than soft copper stranded conductor. Tin plated copper wire with same section has less simple wire than tin plated soft copper wire.


Tin plated copper conductor is mainly applied in submarine cable, lighting protection project. Tin plated soft copper conductor is mainly applicable for wire for equipment, such as automotive wires.

Copper Braided Wire


We adopt copper braided wire as conductor in order to make soft connection, ground cord by special dealing. Copper braided wire is capable of high electric conductivity, strong anti-fatigue, which can be produced safely according to the demands of customers.


Copper braided wire is mainly used in high, low pressure appliances, vacuum appliances, mining flame-proof switch and cars, automobile and related products for soft connection, non-horizontal direction electrical motion and middle, low pressure breaker.
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