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Copper products: copper plate, copper bar, copper tube, copper strip, copper wire, copper bus bar, copper materials.
Brass Lock Cylinder Bar,Hexagon Hollow Rod,Profiled Bar,CuCrZr/Electrode,Copper Bush Material


1. Electric Power Transmission: It is mainly used in cable, bus, transformer, switch, interconnecting devices, connector, etc.
2. Electrical Machine Manufacture: It uses copper alloy with high conductivity and high strength. The main part of copper is stator, rotor, spindle nose, etc.
3. It can be found in all machines, like connecting piece, fastener, twisting, bolt, nut, etc.
4. Metallurgy Equipment, Alloy Additive, Pipe System
5. Residence and Public Construction: It is applied in water supply, heat supply, gas supply and fire sprinkler system.