Product List


We manufacture and export a wide range of Copper Pipes and Tubes. The Copper Pipes and Tubes that we manufacture are highly appreciated by our clients because of their high strength and corrosion resistant. We provide the best quality of Copper pipes with high durability. We provide Copper Pipe and Tubes in different sizes and specifications in terms of dimension and thickness. Our Copper Pipe and Tubes are used on a large scale in many industries. Our Copper Tubes are highly used in general engineering. We also export Copper Pipe and Tubes to domestic as well as international markets and thus our products are made keeping the international standards in mind. Our Copper Pipes and Tubes consist of the following features :


3.5 MM UP TO 80MM OD



We have large production facilities for Extruded and Drawn Pipes & Tubes. We also manufacture any shape of Square, Rectangular or any other shape according to customer requirements.

Tempers :

1. Soft Annealed (O)

2. Light Drawn (1/4H)

3. Drawn (1/2H)

4. Hard Drawn (H)

Oxygen-Free Copper Strips

  • Adventures of a boy and his dog.
  • Manufacturer and supplier of hi-fi mains cables, replacement power cables, AC power cords and interconnects (silver and oxygen free copper) with RF filtering.
  • Provides copper and copper alloy tube, fabricated products, brazing alloys, fluxes and lead-free solder, as well as copper and copper alloy rod, bar and strip products.
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Earthing Tapes

  • Wholesaler of adhesive tapes including packaging, strapping, aluminum, lead and copper foils, cloth, reflective, safety and double-coated. Includes a product catalogue.
  • How to wire dollhouses with copper tape. Includes illustrations.
  • Courses, workshops and tapes of meditations for spiritual growth channelled by Christopher Sell. Northumberland, England, UK.
  • copper heat pipes

  • Produces an Advanced Thermal Transfer Adhesive (ATTA) product include die attach, heat pipe attachment, laser diode assembly, heat fin attachment, thermal vias and copper slug replacement.
  • Information about heat pipes and their use in dehumidification and heat recovery. Also describes company products.
  • Manufactures pre-insulated pipe and double containment pipe for the oil and gas industry. Also offer leak detection and location, heat traced cathodic protection systems and pipe inspection services.
  • Air Conditioning Straight Tubes

  • Offers custom tube and hoses.
  • Supplies a range of fin and tube heat exchanger coils for air conditioning.
  • Cooling towers, pumping stations, heat exchangers, chillers, dry coolers, closed loop cooling systems, shell and tube exchangers, heat recovery equipment.
  • large diameter Copper Pipes

  • Manufactures large diameter, high-pressure steel pipe used primarily for water transmission, and smaller diameter, electric resistance welded steel pipe for use in a wide range of construction, agricultural and industrial applications. (Nasdaq: NWPX).
  • Manufacturer of large diameter (18 - 110 inch) centrifugally cast fiberglass mortar pipes with inherent corrosion resistance. Sliplining, microtunneling, jacking direct bury and above ground installations. [TX]
  • Manufactures extruded elastomeric nitrile foam tubing designed to fit the standard diameters of steel and copper pipings.