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When taking care of copper plate, it should notice the following items

1. Copper plate put in the clean and dry room according to the component, mark, it can not put in the same storage with acid, alkali, salt.
2. If copper plate gets damp when transporting, it should be wiped by cloth or put after dry in the sun.
3. The storehouse should ventilate, coordinate humid, temperature of the room, keeping the temperature between 15 and 30 degree centigrade, relative humid keeps between 40 percent and 80 percent, which is suitable.
4. Unwashed residue electrolyte by electrolytic copper, so it can not put together with rubber and other acid frighten material
5. Due to copper is soft, when carrying and stacking, it should avoid pulling, or throwing, knocking, to avoid damaging or hurting appearance.
6. If happen to corrosion, it can wipe by cloth or wire brush, to avoid hurting appearance, it also not suitable for fat liquoring.
7. For the wire rod, whatever the degree of corrosion, it will not rust removing or fat liquoring according to the principle. If get rusted, it can remove on the basic of no influence with wire diameter demand and pack it up with waterproof paper.
8. If corrosion is serious, except for rust removing, it also needs isolation, and not suitable for long time storage. If happens to crack, clearing out from the storehouse at once.
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