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Representing Methods of Copper and Alloy Mark(GB/T340—1976)

According to the national standard GB/T340—1976, the representing methods of nonferrous metal and alloy mark are:
1.The name of product mark is represented by codename prefix or component figure after the element symbol or sequence number connecting with product type or group name.
2.Product codename, represented by Chinese pinyin alphabet, chemical element and alphabet figure.
3.Collective name of the product (such like copper plate, aluminum plate), type (such like brass, bronze) and mark of the product (such like plate, tube, strip, wire, foil, etc), all represent by Chinese.
4.Status, processing method, special property codename, all represents by pinyin figure according to the standard.

Common Nonferrous Metal, Alloy Name and Pinyin Figure Codename

Name Chinese Sign Name Chinese Sign
Copper T Brass H
Aluminum L Bronze Q
Magnesium M Cupro-nickel B
Nickel N Titanium and Titanium Alloy T

Nonferrous Metal Status Name, Property and Pinyin Figure Codename

Name Sign Name Sign
Product Status Codename Product Status Codename
Heat Processing (heat stamping, heat extrusion) R Hardness Y
Annealing M 3/4 Hardness, 1/2 Hardness Y1、Y2
Quenching C 1/3 Hardness Y3
Cold Stamping after Quenching (cold hardening) CY 1/4 Hardness Y4
Quenching(Nature Invalid) CZ Special Hardness T
Quenching(Artificial Invalid) CS
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